-Indroduction of 18cm oval-cylinder type chopstick case, and 18cm & 23cm pentagon wooden chopsticks-
【 Ubame Oak 】

:Ubame Oak/Chinese name:烏崗櫟木/specific gravity:0.84
Beech, quercus serrata, evergreen broadleaf wood. Alias: “Imamegashi” or “Umamegashi”. One of the most densest,hardest,heaviest and strongest wood in Japan. In the Genroku era, Binchuya Chozaemon of Tanabe(Kiinokuni) used this timber and is now known as “Binchotan” the fine charcoal. (planned price)

wooden chopstick case price $2,460US/number of stock : 1

          Diagonal view     Top view with our stamp
  Side view  
The oval-cylinder shape is sculpted with great care and time.The beautiful wood patterns and the popping sound of the cap is the token for precise hand made.The Ezo craftsman's voluntary piece! It's hard to feel only by picture but enjoy the one and only in the world.I'm sure you will be happy with it.

wooden chopsticks price $ 99US/number of stock : 1 (23cm) : 1 (18cm)

Diagonal view of the head/td> Top view Tip view
  Side view  
It is sculpted accurately from head to tip to make a right pair.Especially, the tip is sculpted with utmost care so it can pinch small sesame, beans, or rice.

-How to take care of your chopsticks-

Depending on the material, Saburouemon chopsticks will start to curve or twist according to how long you use them.To avoid that, please wash them carefully with hand and dry them completely. Please keep away from direct sunshine.It will easily change shape if you keep on washing and drying them with a dish washer.Please handle them carefully for the Saburouemon chopsticks are alive.

*The image is a sample. The one you ordered might not be the exact same one as in the patterns of wood.They might be different but they are hand-selected carefully.Depending on the number of stock or the material, we might not be able to accept your order.Please contact us for the newest information.The shape or the color will change slightly after using them.
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